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All Knights of Columbus are offered the opportunity to elevate to the Fourth degree within the order.  While retaining membership in their respective local Councils, Fourth degree Knights may join their Area Assembly to work with brothers from four other councils in the District.


A Message from your Brothers in the Fourth Degree:

It has been said that great things have been done for love of country, but the greatest things have been done for the love of God and country.

As members of the fourth degree of the Knights of Columbus, we are committed to the preservation of the Catholic church, the order, and many nations where the Knights of Columbus are serving to preserve peace.

Fourth degree Knights foster patriotism by teaching responsiblity in civic and national affairs.  We are the visible arm of the Catholic church; you often see us dressed in regalia at major events.  We work for peace and human dignity.

The tuxedo, chapeau, cape and sword are worn to symbolize Christian knighthood.  The sword is carried in reverence to church, Eucharist, country and freedom.

If the sanctity of life, family values and true religious freedom are to survive, then we need to all members to elevate to the third degree and consider completing their journey to Knighthood by joining the Fourth degree.

Vivat Jesus.

Len Libitz - former Faithful Navigator (deceased)

Father Thomas J. Larkin Assembly 1893


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